Using the principle of Electrowetting

Using the principle of Electrowetting, SNRC is developing a range of products based on a variety of architectures. Available in 3 distinct modes; transmissive, reflective and transflective, SNRC’s technology is the only solution, other than LCD, which operates in all 3 modes modes, but with 2x, 3x, 4x optical performance. SNRC’s display cell concepts allow radically brighter and more efficient flat panel displays to be built – but use today’s established manufacturing infrastructure and processes to achieve it.

The combination of superior performance, lower bill of materials and compatibility with existing infrastructure makes SNRC’s technology unique. SNRC owns the core patents on the technology built around work done by the founding team at Philips Research.

The performance of SNRC technology makes it well suited for use in mobile applications such as e-readers, mobile phones, GPS devices, portable media players and cameras because of the ability to see displays in all lighting conditions combined with the ability to show video content at very low power.

Furthermore, the scalability of the technology, being based on conventional manufacturing processes, allows for application in large display products such as laptops and tv’s in the long term.

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